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May 2, 2014

Man arrested for alleged assault with a deadly weapon, public intoxication

CHICKASHA — A fight escalated yesterday when a man allegedly pointed a shotgun at witnesses and threatened to shoot them.

Chickasha Police Sgt. Cliff Walker said he spoke with Brian Delk and Allison Fries, who told him they heard noise from the street and looked to find Jacob Woods involved in a fight in the 400 block of N. 12th Street.

Woods seemed to think Delk and Fries were the people he was in a fight with, but there was no indication they were involved in the fight, Walker said.

"They then told me that the fight had broke up and the other subject ran off to the east while [Woods] started walking back down 12th Street," he said. "They then advised that [Woods] returned a few moments later and he was carrying a shotgun. [Woods] pointed the shotgun at them and then began threatening to shoot them."

Woods appeared to be drunk, with bloodshot eyes and the smell of alcohol emanating from him, he said.

Walker said Woods' fiance, Kristen Brown, told him Woods had been drinking throughout the day and heard someone outside and became involved in an argument when he went out to check.

"A short time later, [Woods] returned and grabbed the shotgun and left out the door again," Walker said. "[Brown] said that she got into her car and followed him, trying to get him to return home. She was getting him into the car when I arrived on scene."

Woods was in [Brown's] car and yelling "they hit me," he said.

Walker said he heard Chickasha Police Lt. James Weidenmaier yelling while he was speaking to someone and turned to find Weidenmaier pointing his gun at Woods and yelling orders at him and went to assist.        

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