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June 18, 2013

Heavy rains lead to road damage, detour

CHICKASHA — The heavy rains over the weekend have put a dent in the drought. However, the 2.5 inches of precipitation also did some damage to a pipe under Lake Burtschi Road, Mike Lennier, Grady County Commissioner, District 2, said.

There is a lot of traffic on Lake Burtschi Road, which connects Grand Ave. and Highway 62. A lot of big trucks also take this route, Lennier said, which necessitates two detours. The southbound detour takes County Road 1340. The northbound detour takes County Road 1350.

It could be two weeks before this segment of Lake Burtschi Road is usable again, Lennier said.

Grady County can expect more rain over the next few days,  Dale Thompson, Grady County Emergency Management Director, said. There is a 50 percent chance Tuesday night and about a 30 percent chance the rest of the week. This has helped Grady County's drought status, but the southwestern part of the county as well as the southwestern part of the state is still in a moderate drought.

There are about 40 safe rooms left for Grady County Emergency Management to inspect, Thompson said. He added that the GCEM office is still receiving a lot of calls about safe room funding. He reiterated from last week's Grady County Commissioner's meeting that there is no funding for safe rooms at this time.

The recent power outages that Chickasha has experienced has lead Grady County Court Clerk Lois Foster to question whether the courthouse should update its policy concerning power outages. She requested that it be standard procedure for the front and back doors of the courthouse to be locked as soon as power goes out.

Foster said that there are no windows in her office or the bathrooms, which means the area is completely dark during a power outage. The bathroom also has a step up, which could pose a safety hazard for the public.

A motion was made that during power outages, after the front and back doors are locked, a Grady County Commissioner will be contacted.

In other business:

Susan Routh introduced the new OSU Extension Office intern, Kris Bautista.

A motion was made to accept the bids on typesetting, printing and delivery of ballot proofs, OPTEC ballot cards, sample ballots for all ballot orders placed during the period from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014.

The bid on carpet for the district attorney's office was accepted.

No action was taken on the GCCIA Facilities Lease Agreement or the invoice for the Pinnacle Consulting Group.

The yearly maintenance agreement between Ben Milam and the Grady County Health Department for heating and cooling was approved.

The agreement between Sequoyah Enterprises, Inc. Juvenile Detention Center and Grady County was approved. The agreement is pending approval from the district attorney.

The Business Associate Agreement between the Oklahoma State Department of Health and Grady County Health Department and Grady Memorial Hospital for X-rays was approved.

A motion was accepted for the application for permit from Unitel Public Network, a permit to cross with a fiber optic cable, no proposed buried county road crossings, no road crossings, of Sections 13, 15, 16-T8N-R7W.

The monthly report for the Grady County Health Department was approved.

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