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June 17, 2013

Woman's arrest results in police assault

CHICKASHA — Chickasha Police Officer Lauren Mathews arrested Elizabeth Bailey for assault and battery upon a peace officer, possession of controlled substance without a valid prescription, operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence of an intoxicating substance, destroying evidence, following too closely and failure to signal intention of turning on June 15 at the 200 block of West Almar Drive.

The report states, Mathews was dispatched to a reckless driver of a black SUV on South Third Street at around 8:30 p.m.

Upon locating the black SUV, she observed the vehicle turn into a gas station without using the proper signal.

Mathews then made initiated a traffic stop and made contact with the driver of the SUV, later identified as Bailey, and was informed that Bailey hit a blue truck.

The driver of the blue truck stated Bailey had hit his truck with her vehicle at the intersection of Fourth Street and Almar Drive.

Bailey repeatedly stated to Mathews that she hit the blue truck and would pay for the damage. Mathews observed that Bailey’s speech was extremely slurred, her eyelids were droopy and she was unsteady on her feet.

Mathews asked Bailey if she was on any medication and Baily initially said no, but then told the officer she was on an anti-depressant called, “C.”

Bailey agreed to take a standardized field sobriety test but was unable to complete the horizontal gaze nystagmus test. Bailey performed poorly on several other parts of the field sobriety test and Mathews said she had to catch Bailey a number of times to prevent her from falling to the ground.

Mathews placed Bailey under arrest.

While Mathews documented information on Bailey, a second police officer arrived to assist with the situation. The second police officer yelled for Mathews’ assistance, according to the report, and began demanding for Bailey to spit out something that was in her mouth. Mathews took Bailey out of the back seat attempting to retrieve the substance from her, which appeared to be chewed up yellow pills. The left index finger of Mathews was bit during the retrieval process.

Multiple parts of disintegrating yellow pills were eventually retrieved from Bailey’s mouth, and Bailey told officers they were Xanax pills.

Emergency medical services were then dispatched to the scene to make sure Bailey had not ingested anything toxic. Though her vital signed were normal, she was transported to Grady County Memorial Hospital for further medical clearance.

According to the report, Bailey asked to use the restroom at the hospital where she was observed to be digging in her vagina with her hands.

After leaving the restroom, an officer observed one white pill and two and a half yellow pills on the bathroom floor, as well as one yellow pill inside of the toilet. Photos were taken and the pills were seized. The yellow pills were later discovered to be Alprazolam and the white pills were identified as Carisoprodol.

Bailey was booked into the Grady County Jail.


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