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June 14, 2013

Anti-Mortem begins new adventure



"To me we made it our own, to me it's like against death," Smith said. "I told myself that even if we didn't get signed I love it so much that id still be pushing for it in five years.  This band to me is never gonna die, so to me we made a name that is like never gonna give up, never gonna die."

Global domination may not be too far for the band. Smith said Trivium plans to tour after the release of their new record, and Anto-Mortem may have the privilege of opening. 

"Hopefully by then the record will have been out for awhile and hopefully it's doing well by then," Nevada said. 

Despite their gradual propulsion toward fame, the band said they will maintain their roots. 

"We will always come back to Chickasha. It's home," said Smith. 

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