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June 14, 2013

Anti-Mortem begins new adventure


You wouldn't know Anti-Mortem is about to embark on their first national tour. 

The childhood friends sit around laughing, drinking beer and playing metal like it's business as usual with perfect composure. 

But as of June 14, this group of shredders will change the collective destiny of their band forever. 

"As far as being a band, we've gotten to do a lot, but we have never gotten to tour," guitarist Zain Smith said. "I can't gripe, though because we never had to be a band that had to go on tours and pay to book our own shows. You only get one shot as a band." 

And that shot has been culminating for more than five years. Luckily this group of musicians started chasing this dream at a young age, searching for venues to play their music in Grady County. 

"We would get so bored of having no where to play, so we would be like, 'Hey, Zain's house this weekend,' so we built a stage out in the barn," bassist Corey Henderson said.

From the humble beginnings of playing at Smith's house, passing out fliers at high schools around Grady County and occasionally filling other small venues in the area, Anti-Mortem has gained recognition outside of the county and even the state. 

"We basically set realistic goals and steps," guitarist Nevada Romo said. "We'd be like, 'Okay, we conquered this area, now lets get this bigger area.' That was the plan. Lets get Chickasha to know who we are, then Oklahoma, and now it's the world."

With increased exposure comes increased expectations, and the band of friends say they're ready for the challenge. 

"What' s crazy is being a label our management told us 'You're no longer versus anybody that you know. 'Your favorite band, that's who you have to be as good as now.' So now like Metallica and all these bands we've idolized and looked up to, we have to be like that good," Smith said. 

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