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November 20, 2012

Freak fire takes home of local family over weekend

CHICKASHA — Tragedy struck this weekend for one Chickasha family after an electrical fire burned their home to the ground. The fire occurred early Sunday morning at approximately 3 a.m. near the Tabler-Y off County Road 1350.  

"We lost everything... even the stuff I tried to pull from the house caught on fire," said Katie Crosley.

Residents Charlie Glass, Katie Crosley, and their 7 week old son Jace are now staying at the local Best Western Hotel after the incident.

"We didn't have anywhere else to go so the Red Cross put us up here at the hotel for a few days. It is a really weird feeling to be able to say to people that all of our belongings can now fit into our truck," said Glass.

According to Crosley, she was asleep on the couch with her infant son when her blind-deaf-three legged Dotson started to randomly bark.

"I thought it was strange, but I went ahead and got up to let the dog outside to go to the bathroom. When I opened the front door, I saw the entire porch was engulfed in flames. I shut the door and before I knew it, the flames were coming in both the door and the windows. So I grabbed my son and we got out," said Crosley.

Crosley said she reentered the burning, all-wood cabin, to attempt to grab some personal belongings like her compound bow, some pictures, and other random items however she later found out the out-of-control fire also got to the items she took out of the house.

Crosley said, "It burned...literally everything... it even got the bale of hay for our horses. And it burned up my car too. It happened in a matter of minutes. If we didn't have our little three-legged hero I don't want to think of what could have happened."

The Naples, Friend, and other Grady County Fire Departments responded putting the fire out at approximately 7 am.

While the family had insurance on the dwelling itself, they had no contents insurance on their belongings. Donations to assist the family are being accepted at Chickasha Bank and Trust Company, organized by Helen Ratcliff at 405-222-0550. XL men’s clothes and Medium to large women’s clothes, as well as under 6 month infant clothes are also needed.  

Glass said, "This really puts everything in perspective. I still haven't quite grasped it all but I guess we will wait on the insurance company to see where we will be going from here."

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