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April 25, 2013

Tuttle man arrested for alleged rape

TUTTLE — A 15-year-old girl was reportedly raped by a man she met over the internet who has since been arrested, according to a Grady County Sheriff’s Office release.

Tuttle man Tanner Hart, 26, was arrested by Grady County Sheriffs officers on April 15 without incident after he allegedly lured the young girl to his residence and convinced her to engage in sexual activity. According to the report, the girl repeatedly told Hart to stop throughout the episode.

Hart is currently being held in Grady County Jail.

The individuals met over a dating website that 15 year old “probably shouldn’t have been on”, Lisa Hatchett, Public Relations Officer for Grady County Sheriffs said. “From what I gathered, they had been talking on the website for a few weeks,” Hatchett said. “We’re just trying to warn people about the dangers of the Internet in general and what can happen when young people get on websites and are not monitored.”

After becoming acquainted over the internet, the young girl, who is from the Southwest Oklahoma area but not a resident of Grady County, reportedly ran away from home to meet Hart at his Tuttle residence, according to the report. According to statements from both parties, Hart dropped the teen off at a shopping center in a nearby town and asked her not to tell anyone about their encounter. She subsequently informed a female relative, who contacted authorities.

 “He said he was under the impression that she was 18,” Hatchett said.

Authorities will continue to look into the matter even with Hart in custody.

“If there is more evidence to gather, they will work to bring it in,” Hatchett said.

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