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July 13, 2012

Foster on July Parole Docket

CHICKASHA: The Oklahoma Department of Corrections’ July Parole Docket includes a hearing scheduled for the release of Quincy Foster.  Quincy D. Foster is currently serving a Life sentence for the brutal murder of Deborah Dennis on April 14, 1993.

The murder of Deborah Dennis occurred in the alley behind Dennis’ home at 415 Georgia in Chickasha.  Dennis and her mother, Louise Johnson, were in her mother’s vehicle when Foster opened the door of the vehicle and demanded money from both Dennis and her mother.  The parties quickly advised Foster they had no money on them, outside of the twenty-four (24) cents in Dennis’ pocket.  Foster then pointed a revolver at Dennis’ mother and pulled the trigger.  The gun did not fire.  Foster then took the weapon and pointed it at Dennis and fired a fatal round at point blank range.  Dennis was pronounced dead at Grady Memorial Hospital.

On Nov. 16, 1995, Quincy Foster was convicted of the crime of First Degree Murder and assessed a punishment of Life in prison after a Jury Trial.  To date, Foster has served sixteen and one-half (16 ½) years of his life sentence.  The Oklahoma Department of Corrections has issued a report in connection with the hearing.  The report recommends Foster receive parole and be released back into the community.

District Attorney Jason Hicks said “the fact that there is a report recommending parole for a convicted murderer after serving only sixteen and a half years of a life sentence is disgusting.”  Hicks went on to explain that if convicted of the same crime today, Foster would be required to serve thirty-eight and one quarter years before being eligible for parole.  This is due to the interpretation of a life sentence in Oklahoma.  A life sentence equals forty-five (45) years.  Additionally, a murderer convicted by the legal system today will be required to serve eighty-five (85) percent of his/her sentence before being eligible to earn any parole credits and being able to have a parole hearing.  “This man took the life of Deborah Dennis, and if I have anything to do with it, he will remain in prison.  We will appear at Foster’s parole hearing and protest this travesty” Hicks said.

Hicks encouraged the community to write the Parole Board requesting Foster be denied parole as well as addressing their recommendations to parole these violent offenders.  Foster’s hearing is scheduled for the week of July 16, 2012.  The address for the Oklahoma Parole Board is: State of Oklahoma, Pardon and Parole Board, First National Center, 120 North Robinson, Suite 900W, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102-7436.  The names and addresses of the individual Board members are:  Ms. Lynnell Harkins, P.O. Box 7206, Moore, Oklahoma 73153-1206; Mr. Richard L. Dugger, 12316A N. May Ave. – Suite 102, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73120; Mr. Currie Ballard, P.O. Box 839, Langston, Oklahoma 73050-0839; Mr. David Moore, P.O. Box 8395, Edmond, Oklahoma 73083; and, Dr. Marc Dreyer, 2800 S. Yale, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74114.

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