June 24, 2013

VIDEO: Man arrested for naked motorcycle ride

The Express-Star



A super moon was seen in the sky and on the streets of Chickasha this weekend.  

Chickasha Police apprehended the nude driver of a motorcycle, June 23 on 29th Street.

Officer Brandon Sparks responded to the call of a male motorcyclist riding “less than clothed” and made contact with the suspect who identified himself as Billy Buckley.

According to the report, Buckley approached Sparks with a shoe coving his genitals while asking for clothing.

Buckley advised that his clothing was taken from him at Lake Chickasha. He later admitted however, to engaging in a $50 bet that involved him driving from Lake Chickasha to Chickasha naked.

The report states that by other citizens calling in on Buckley he was openly outraging public decency and displaying behavior that was injurious to public morals.

Buckley was booked at the Grady County Jail.