August 22, 2013

Dollar General thief nabbed on street

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


A woman was Tuesday afternoon after she was seen placing more than $165 worth of merchandise in her purse at a local Dollar General. 

Megan Smith was detained by Chickasha Police Officer Chad King. 

King said an employee at the Dollar General at 625 W. Grand Ave., told him she saw Smith placing items in her purse. 

"Smith began to exit the store, passing all points of sale with the unpaid merchandise," King wrote in an incident report. 

After a store employee failed to stop Smith from leaving, she fled on foot, flinging stolen merchandise in the parking lot, according to the report. 

King said Smith first told him her name was "Megan Walker," and continuously gave multiple answers to the same question, none of which were the same. 

"I noticed Smith was very nervous and would not make eye contact," the report reads. "Smith also kept her right elbow close to her side, concealing something under her shirt."

Smith then released her elbow  and exposed the black shirt she wore during the incident, King wrote. 

Upon being told she was identified on camera, Smith said she "doesn't get in trouble," and she "was only stealing medicine for her child, and shampoo." 

Smith was transported back to the Dollar General, where she was positively identified by one of the employees. 

Most of the items stolen were makeup products and there was no medicine taken. 

Smith was charged with shoplifting, obstructing an officer and false personation.