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October 31, 2012


Local paranormal team investigates whether The Express-Star's building has a few unlikely guests

CHICKASHA — After much consideration I decided the best way to write this article is in a subjective, gonzoesque fashion. I am not a fan of such literary stylings, but I don't see any other way of doing this. The following is my account of what happened 11 days ago when representatives from Exploring Spirit Phenomenons came from Oklahoma City to The Express-Star office to investigate the possibility of a haunting.

There are literally dozens of stories about this building. It has a rich history that spans more than 100 years and has stood as a railroad depot and a cotton gin.

This sort of history attracts spirits and investigators like ESP owner Joey "Dawg" Hanson.

After spending 45 minutes setting up equipment throughout the building, Hanson began his investigation by walking the grounds and screaming into the darkness in an attempt to provoke any spirits residing within the Express-Star building's walls.

I went with him and as non-believer and staunch agnostic, Hanson hoped I'd experience some paranormal activity to end my speculation and cynicism.

Sadly, I found nothing conclusive to make me believe spirits, specters or any sort of afterlife exist. I wandered the halls and rooms of our office for two-and-a-half hours, shouting into the dark, but there was never a reply. At least not one I heard.

Hanson has taken some time to review the recordings his team made during the investigation and he said several there are several incidents that lead him to believe there is something paranormal going on in our building.

"We would actually understand several voices on the recorder," he said.

A giggle was heard by many near our ad reps' office, but I was not among them.

At one point I stood alone, banging my hands on our safe in hopes of a response, but again, I heard nothing.

The recording showed that something had banged on the wall in response to me. It was too faint for our ears, but not for the recorder.

The elusive giggle also appeared on the investigator's equipment and there was even a voice that said, "Oh, hush," after being asked "Why are you here," by one of Hanson's team.

"There is some intelligent activity in this building," he said. "There are some spirits that can interact with the living."

This could bring many to a fright, but Hanson told me there is nothing to fear.

"I found no evidence of anything evil or malicious," he said. "It just seems to be something more prankster-like."

Hanson's recordings also yielded evidence of furniture moving around on its own and steps that moved up and down our stairs.

After all was said and done, more work was needed.

"It's hard to say if you have an actual haunting," Hanson said. "It needs further investigation, but there is definitely some paranormal activity going on."

For now I remain unconvinced, but I look forward to my next foray into the world of the dead when Hanson and his team return for more investigation.

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