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August 30, 2013

Free shelter neuter program for adopted animals likely announced next week

Fairburn addresses concerns of FUR volunteer group


Animals adopted from the Chickasha Animal Shelter could possibly go home with a major surgery already performed free of cost. 

City Manager Stuart Fairburn said he met with Friends Fur Change representatives on Friday to discuss organizing a city spay and neuter program. 

"We hope to announce this officially next week, but the big thing today is we are going to use money from a donations account to go ahead and get these guys spayed and neutered, so they're easily adoptable," he said. 

The city has looked at a spay and neuter program for months, but Fairburn said it was only recently that offering the service free of charge was seen as a viable solution. 

"We have had the money to do this, but we have spent our time determining how to implement it," he said. "With our community, at this stage, we are not going to ask for money at all." 

Local adoption events such as fairs will feature animals that have already been neutered, said Fairburn. Animals adopted out of the shelter will be neutered once the proper adoption avenues have been traveled. 

"Once we have the paperwork signed we will say, 'Ok, come back in two days, and we will have it taken care of,'" he said. 

Those who adopt animals that are too young for the procedure will receive a voucher for the surgery.

Fairburn said the city  plans to offer the spay and neuter program to feral animals that live on farms as well as those in city communities as well.

"The feral population isn't just isolated to one area. They're everywhere," said Fairburn. "It's amazing how many there are, but I know where they all hang out."   

Fairburn also investigated claims that the Chickasha Animal Shelter was giving away donated food, and found the establishment did pass on expired items. 

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