November 9, 2013

Cole responds to Obama's recent apology for ACA problems

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


Congressman Tom Cole released a statement yesterday responding to President Obama's apology for those Americans who have lost their health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. 

"The president's 'apology' for misleading the American people about the consequences of Obamacare is too little, too late and too disingenuous to accept," said Cole. "He promised the American people that his plan would save families of four at least $2,500 on their healthcare plans. Now families are expecting higher costs or losing plans that were already satisfactory."

Cole said Obama's administration has put itself in a situation where it is trying to fix an already implemented law. 

"We heard the president ensure the American people that Obamacare would be ready to go on October 1st. It wasn't. In fact, enrollment numbers are still so low after a month and a half that the Administration is scrambling to fix a broken product," said Cole. ""The president also declared that if Americans liked their healthcare plans, they could keep them. We now know millions of them cannot. Given that track record, why should Americans believe the President on Obamacare now? They cannot, they should not and they will not."

Cole said the law has been flawed from its inception. 

"Obamacare has always been a failure, and if it is allowed to stay in place without modification, things will only get worse rather than better in the coming year," he said. "Republicans warned the president that his law wasn't ready for primetime, and they tried to prevent, modify or, at the very least, delay Obamacare. But he resisted these efforts, he dismissed our concerns and demonized us every step of the way. Now he is reaping the consequences of his own policies. Sadly, so are the American people."

Cole said the President's apology isn't enough and now the correct course of action is to work with legislators from both sides of the political spectrum to fix the law.