November 14, 2012

Council discusses grants, recent car burglaries

The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — Last night‚ city council work session focused a lot of attention on the upcoming renovations and updates to the Washita Park Center in Chickasha.

Some of the main plans involve beautifying the exterior of the building, according to Steve Chapman, the Special Projects Director. The kitchen will be reconfigured to be bigger and more lit. Through the updates, the kitchen will be more accessible, Chapman explained. There will be plans to add a unisex bathroom inside too.

We are planning on having this as a rental, City Manager Stewart Fairburn explained.

According to Chapman, the city will also be modernizing the building and bringing it up to code. The cost will total around $155,000.

The Washita Park Center has a 50-50 grant. For every dollar the city spends, the grant matches that. For future rentals the capacity number will have to be determined, Fairburn explained.

It will only be open when it‚ being rented out, Fairburn said. For anything like reunions, birthdays and stuff like that.

According to Fairburn, the winter project for the council will involve residents parking in the grass. Problems with no driveway and having a driveway but preferring to park in the grass will be issues to address. Using methods like letters, door hangers, and the media, the council plans on getting the word out.

Chickasha is facing a reoccurring crime problem, council member Howard Carpenter pointed out. Residents and law enforcement officers have noticed a lot of car burglary around town.

This is most likely just younger folks checking for open car doors, Fairburn said. We‚ over heard about seven break-ins in the last two weeks. Just don't leave items showing.

In most cases, Fairburn explained, the culprits either get caught or just give up.