January 31, 2013

Long-time local art teacher hosts workshop tonight

The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — Has a work of art ever caught your eye and you found yourself wishing you could recreate something of the same caliber? Local painter and art teacher Carrie Chavers breaks down the elements of creating works of art for students to easily understand and walk away with a final product they may of never accomplished on their own.

Chavers started 'Paint on Canvas' workshops last year. She has taught art for over thirty years and has no intentions of stopping any time soon.

"I've taught all over," Chavers said. "I started in Marlow in 83' and I've taught at Verden, Pioneer and Chickasha."

In previous 'Paint of Canvas' workshops, attendees have ranged from preteens to grandparents. The workshops have been held at local eateries such as China Moon, Keepin' it Sweet, Napolis and other local restaurants. For tonight's workshop Chavers decided to host the three hour event at the Chickasha Public Library to keep costs down.

Tonight's painting is entitled, 'A Red Cardinal in the Snow.' Chavers will be teaching the workshop herself and will bring an assistant along to help with any questions and will refill paint trays and give attendees new water cups.

"We'll only use six colors in the painting," Chavers said. "The canvases are pre-sketched and outline in pencil. We will spend about 45 minutes on the background alone."

With over thirty years of teaching experience in art, Chavers promises she won't leave anyone behind.

"I make it easy," she explained. "I take it one step at a time and everyone seems to really enjoy it. People leave and say to themselves, 'I can't believe I did this' and that makes me feel good."

The $30 fee covers the canvas, paint, brushes, water, an apron and even refreshments. Guests are encouraged to bring something to snack on and to bring an open mind.

'Paint on Canvas' also hosts parties, family groups, church retreats and other group gatherings. Special projects and group prices can be discussed with Chavers.

"One time six people came to a workshop from the same family," Chavers said. "It was just after Thanksgiving and they had a lot of fun."

If you are interested in attending tonight's workshop there's still time. Contact Carrie Chavers at 405-574-6689. The cost is $30 for a single person and if you bring a friend you get $5 off.