December 20, 2012

Blog: Animals need help too

The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — I'm sick of hearing people complain about things in the city and they do absolutely nothing to help fix the problem. People call and complain about what the city votes for or against, but they have never been to a city council meeting. They complain about not having anything to do or anywhere to go but they just sit back and complain. And the most recent complaint I heard was about the Chickasha Animal Shelter.

There is a Facebook page entitled, "Pets lost, found and selling around." It is a fantastic site that allows you to post photographs of missing and found animals and serves as an information gateway in the animal community. But  one thing I think Chickasha residents don't understand is the low number of staff members at the Chickasha Animal Shelter. Last time I heard there are only two main employees, but that number may of changed. Something I don't understand is the number of people breeding dogs and charging thousands when there are thousands of animals that don't have homes throughout the country, especially here in Chickasha. If you want to see more employees, talk to your council members. Volunteer to lend a helping hand. Donate supplies, food or medicine to help lower costs. And above all, please look into adopting a dog before buying one from a breeder. There are so many dogs that need love and a nice and happy home! People say, oh I don't want a shelter or rescue dog. They may be dangerous or they may have been abused before. I adopted my puppy from an animal shelter when I lived in Tulsa and she is the sweetest thing I could of ever hoped for. Sure when I first got her it was really hard and a lot of work and time, but it's such a blessing to get to raise something so loving and cute as my dog Pippa.