March 12, 2013

ODOT looks into Ninnekah wreck

James Bright, Managing Editor,
Article Submitted

NINNEKAH — The Oklahoma Department of Transportation investigated the scene of the March 9 fatality traffic accident in Ninnekah.

"We went out and looked at the intersection and there was the proper amount of signage," Cole Hackett, ODOT spokesman said.

ODOT utilizes signage as much as possible, said Hackett.

"We always work with local patrol to see if there is anything else we can do or add to make  accident areas safer," he said.

Right now there are no plans to change the current makeup of Highway 81, but new studies could lead to changes in the future, said Hackett.

Respondents to a question regarding this topic on The Express-Star's Facebook shared numerous ways to reduce accidents and make Highway 81 safer.

"Reduced speed limit. There is no reason to drive that fast when there are so many connecting streets," Chrissy Owens said. "It's not H.E. Bailey."

Kerri Craddock said the addition of more street lights would help, but Brian Wenzel put the safety responsibility on the drivers.

"All it takes is for people to pay attention," he said. "We don't need street lights every block of hwy."