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April 2, 2013

Copeland defeats incumbent Storms in runoff election

CHICKASHA — Despite low voter turnout, Ryan Copeland defeated incumbent Bruce Storms in the April 2 runoff election.

"I'd just like to thank the community and I am honored that they chose to have me serve on the board," Copeland said.

Although less than 500 people voted in yesterday's runoff, some still say local elections are important to any community.

"It is easier to make an impact in the local election versus the national and state-wide elections but that said, if you care about the roads, bridges, local tourism, drinkable water, education and local businesses all the things that keep a town alive then take the time to vote in the local elections," J. J. Francis said on the Express-Star's Facebook. "History is littered with stories of towns that boomed and failed and many of those failures can be linked to a failure of leadership whether it was telling the railroad they weren't welcomed or letting it be known that they didn't want to host a local college or major manufacture."

Copeland said he wasn't sure exactly what he'd change once he takes office, but he would like to see a push toward more digital integration in Chickasha.

"I am going to try and use social media to get information out," he said. "We have a website, but I don't know how well it's used or how many people know it exists."

Copeland said he would like to see the digital integrated in teaching methodology as well.

"It's key in today's education," he said. "You give kids a books and they look at you funny, but you give them an iPad and they seem comfortable. It's not that text books are bad, but it's just a matter of how kids relate these days."

Storms wished Copeland well in his succession and said he hopes Copeland will continue what Storms started in bringing more technology and prosperity to the district.

"I enjoyed my 12 years on the board and I feel like we got a lot of things accomplished," Storms said. "I wish him (Copeland) well and hope he continues to work for the children."

Storms said he will work with the school district on bond issues as they come up.


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