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May 17, 2013

Water tops CIP list as tax deadline looms in near future

CHICKASHA — The possible extension of the CIP three-quarter sales tax, which expires early next year and will require a vote, was the main topic of discussion for the CIP Tax Oversight Committee on Tuesday.

The main focus of the meeting centered on city plans, mainly improvements, which will be implemented if the tax is approved for continuation.

City Manager Stewart Fairburn said there has been a trend among recent polls conducted among citizens in Chickasha.

“We ask what people want and it’s always the same thing,” Fairburn said. “They are concerned about the water — water quality and water quantity. That’s always number one.”

In response to these concerns, a large portion of the CIP tax dollars will go into bettering the water system as a whole. Ideas such as repairing worn water lines were discussed, as well as an incentive to extend the current lake pipeline in order to improve the quality of water.

“There’s been taste and odor issues, and sometimes there are brown water issues,” Fairburn said. “Now we feel that we’ve been doing pretty well on a few of these issues, we’ve made some changes. We’ve put in a turbulent that kept the water spinning and helped out our water quality, but when the temperature gets up to 100 degrees for three weeks in a row — that’s why we need to focus on our intake and extension of the pipeline.”

Secondly, Chickasha citizens were most concerned with street repairs. Fairburn said CIP tax dollars would also help to fund the Street Master Plan that is underway. This plan will lay the groundwork for repairing city streets and installing more sidewalks in the Chickasha community.

The committee is making a recommendation to the city council for an election date in September. If unapproved, the tax will expire Jan. 31, 2014.

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