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May 15, 2013

Tax continuation takes big victory in final results

GRADY COUNTY — The final number of votes for the Grady County Fairgrounds improvement tax passed Tuesday night has been tallied at 1500 to 398 and will be finalized on Friday by the Grady County Election Board.

Susan Turner, who has served as the Grady County Election Board Secretary for the past six years, oversees the counting process for each election that takes place within the 28 precincts of the county. The turnout was average for this election, according to Turner, and the results reached her office fairly quickly.

“After 7 o’clock all of the polling places close, they add up their totals there and then bring them to the election board office,” she said.

One inspector, one judge and one clerk manage the election at each precinct. It is then the inspector’s duty to bring the tallied number of votes to Turner.

Electronics largely rules the process from there, as the number of votes are transferred from one computer to another and added together for a grand total. The grand total is then delivered to the Oklahoma State Board of Elections and released online.

Turner said inaccuracies and mistakes are uncommon in her experience with the election process, but have happened more frequently within the last year, possibly due to advancements in technology.

“We generally don’t have a problem because people call the office and we can give them the final result,” she said. “However, now that people can obtain their results from the Internet and different results are sometimes posted at different times — people have a greater tendency to miss details.”

Although the official tally is in, Turner said, it is county protocol to wait several days for finalization.

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