May 14, 2013

Tuttle marijuana bust boosts state drug battle

Adam Troxtell
Article Submitted

TUTTLE — Three suspects have been arrested in Tuttle on charges of distributing marijuana in a bust that could lead to the discovery of a wider operation across the state.

The men, adults Zachary Brunson and Ian Williams and a male juvenile whose name was not released, were charged with distribution of marijuana when they were arrested Monday morning after a month-long police operation, according to information from the Grady County District Attorney's Office. Brunson faces one count of the charge and is in County Jail on an $8,000 bond, while Williams faces three counts and a $25,000 bond. The pair, plus the juvenile, face a preliminary hearing in Grady County Court June 5.

During the operation -- which included officials from the Drug Enforcement Agency, Tuttle Police, and a DA Task Force -- two purchases of marijuana by undercover officers were made at a residence at 205 SW 5th St. in Tuttle, and another was made in the parking lot of Heritage Family Baptist Church.

"It was user amounts that were purchased," Leah Edwards, assistant district attorney for Grady County, said. "They were set up to distribute to users."

No large amounts of marijuana were found when a search of the residence was conducted at the time of the arrests. Law enforcement officials are investigating links to other drug dealers in different areas of the state.

Edwards said the dealers were at the point where they were thinking of various ways to sell their product to try and make their business more appealing.

"This is the first time I've come across something like this," Edwards said. "Our Task Force overheard them saying they would offer one blunt to buyers if they came to their location to make a purchase."