March 28, 2014

Man pleads guilty to abuse following rape accusation

The Express-Star


Dewitt Lewis plead guilty to domestic abuse with great bodily injury Wednesday for a November 2012 case in which he allegedly hit his wife with a hammer and threatened to kill her.

Chickasha Police Officer Matthew Schoolfield said he and CPD Officer Gillian Rainey were dispatched to a home after a third-party reported receiving a text from Lewis' wife that Lewis was trying to kill her.

A few minutes after Rainey knocked on the door of the residence, Lewis' wife ran outside and told police Lewis was trying to kill her and was still in the house, Schoolfield said.

He said Rainey asked Lewis to come outside, but he only stuck his head outside the doorway and refused to comply.

He said he and CPD Officer Austin Overturff proceeded to go in the house to speak to Lewis.

"I continued to give him orders to come out and and show me his hands. Dewitt finally complied…," Schoolfield said. "I noticed the odor of alcohol upon his person and breath."

He said he noticed Lewis had been scratched and asked him what was going on, to which Lewis replied that he and his wife were just having sex.

"[Lewis] voluntarily stated that [his wife] had the large knot on her head when he arrived and stated that [she] was lying," Schoolfield said. "[Lewis] stated that [his wife] is always lying trying to get him in trouble."

Schoolfield said he asked Lewis for his side of the story, but he joked and stuck with his previous statement.

Schoolfield said he went to speak with Lewis' wife and saw what appeared to be a recently-formed knot on her head. 

"[Lewis' wife] advised that [Lewis] had hit her repeatedly with a hammer and was trying to kill her. [She] stated she had tried to escape the residence, but [Lewis] had fought her every time preventing her from leaving," he said. "[Lewis' wife] stated she continued to struggle to get away from [Lewis] and he continued to hit her with the hammer."

Schoolfield said Lewis' wife told him Lewis had threatened to kill her, told her she wouldn't live through the day, and accused her of cheating on him.

"[Lewis' wife] stated she was pleading for her life and that [Lewis] stated he was going to kill her [that night]," he said. "[She] also stated [Lewis] was forcing himself on her…"

Lewis was arrested for rape, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, domestic abuse and kidnapping, but the state decided to dismiss those charges Wednesday.

Lewis is scheduled to be sentenced at 1:30 p.m. on June 10.