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March 22, 2014

Neuter program may need fiscal surgery



Last year, he said community development took control of the animal shelter and began work to prevent euthanization of excess animals. Friends For Change also offered the city help in providing money, care for the animals and hosting adoption fairs.

The City and Friends for Change decided to contract with local Cimarron Veterinary Hospital to provide spay and neuter surgeries at $110 per dog and $90 per cat.

"In order to encourage adoptions, the adopting family would not be charged for the spay/neuter services," Fairburn said "The city council decided to use the donations of money to the city for the animal shelter."

Now, the city is asking for increased donations to fund the program and continues to encourage adopters to spay and neuter their pets.

"Current pet owners are urged to get their pets fixed and to keep them from running around the neighborhoods," Fairburn said. "The city and [Friends for Change] would not be struggling with these adoption funding issues if there were more responsible pet owners."

The funding issue will be discussed at the April 7 city council meeting.

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