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March 13, 2014

Knife causes stir in traffic stop, possession arrest


A routine traffic stop took a tense tone Tuesday when a woman allegedly turned toward a hunting knife she had in the car by her feet.

The woman, Regeania Emanis, ended up being arrested for drug possession. Chickasha Police Officer G.G. Music Jr. said he saw the car pull off 11th Street and stop partially in the roadway without anyone exiting the vehicle.

Music said the passenger, Emanis, had her hand cupped and tried to keep it hidden around her waist and a pocket in her hoodie when he asked for her ID.

"I noticed a large, hunting-type knife that was not sheathed at her feet and told her not to reach for the knife," he said. "I went to the passenger side of the vehicle and she again reached down toward the knife and her purse and I told her to stop and not reach for the knife."

Emanis kept her hand cupped and turned toward the knife, so Music told her to step out of the car, according to an incident report.

"Even as I had her step out, she continued to keep her left hand cupped and I asked her what she had," Music said. "She showed me a pill bottle and told me, 'my weed and pills.'"

He said he saw marijuana in the bottle. Later, at the jail, Music said he found oval-shaped pills and a bag containing methamphetamine.

"She told me the meth, marijuana and the pills were all hers," Music said. "She told me that she had not used methamphetamine for the past 20 years, but had 'fallen' due to the death of a family member."

Emanis was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and taken to the Grady County Jail.

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