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December 22, 2013

FNBT advises customers over Target fiasco


First National Bank and Trust Company is offering some advice for those caught in the wake of Target's massive customer payment compromise. 

More than 40 million Target customers have been affected by a cyber breach forcing many to cancel their primary method's of payments right before Christmas. 

"We want to make sure people know this is not a narrow strip," said FNBT Spokesperson Randy Talley. "This will affect people everywhere." 

Talley said since the issue came to light many of the bank's customers have called seeking help. 

FNTB released the following information to help those who are worried about dealing with the payment fiasco.


As many as 40 million debit and credit card customers had their cards compromisedin late November and early December at Targets stores nationwide. The thieves who staged this crime captured information about all customers using debitand credit cards of all kinds (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and others).


This situation may affect some customers of First National Bank & Trust Co. We at FNBT advise all of our customers who shopped at Target stores –between Nov. 15 and Dec. 15 – to call the bank and order replacement cards immediately. There is no need to close the account; simply order a new card. We are concerned for our customer’s safety and our team is ready to take all steps necessary to protect your money. We have already begun assessing risk for our customers and will be discussing this with persons affected.


Please understand that thieves have stolen credit and debit card data, but so far, no FNBT customers have lost money. And we intend to keep it that way.


There is no evidence yet that customers who shopped at Target’s online store were affected. Investigators are reporting the data stolen is from

magnetic stripes on the back of actual plasticcards used in brick-and-mortar stores.

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