December 21, 2013

Man alledgedly used gun to hit victim

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


A man was arrested after he allegedly pointed a gun at another man and then  struck him in the left eye with the weapon Friday morning. 

Chickasha Police Officer Derek Hunt said he made contact with victim Justin Stark in the 400 block of S. 5th Street to discuss the incident. Stark was located near a grey Dodge Ram that was reported stolen earlier in the week. 

"Justin told me he heard noises coming from the alley, so he stepped out back to investigate further," said Hunt. "Justin informed me he heard a person outside of the fence, near the alley. Justin informed he asked the subject to identify himself  and the subject said 'dirty.'" 

Hunt said Stark then opened the gate when the male subject pointed a handgun directly at his head prior to striking him near his left eye with it. Hunt said Stark had visible damage to his left eye. 

The suspect fled after the alleged assault, according to Stark. 

While interviewing Stark, Hunt said he noticed a subject watching him from the north window of a nearby apartment. 

Hunt and other CPD officers went to investigate the residence where the suspect had allegedly fled to. 

Hunt said Jeffrey Jones answered the door at the residence and he observed Dearius Neff standing in a bedroom inside the residence. 

"The bedroom I observed Dearius standing in was the same room that I observed a subject watching me from," said Hunt.

Neff fit the description of the suspect taken from Stark, according to Hunt. 

"Several subjects were inside the residence setting on a couch," said Hunt. "Due to Dearius' past involving firearms, and the likelihood that a firearm was used in the incident, Officer (David Michael) Harper-Head asked the subjects on the couch to stand up. Officer Harper-Head recovered a 9mm Makarov lying on the couch that was loaded." 

Another witness said he saw Neff with the same gun earlier in the day, according to Hunt. There was also a key to a Dodge vehicle near the gun, said Hunt. 

"I also learned that when the pickup was stolen, a Makarov 9mm was inside the vehicle," said Hunt. 

Harper-Head said the gun was found in an area where Neff was sitting. 

The other subjects in the apartment said Neff paced, and acted nervously and observed law enforcement movements from the window. 

Stark said he saw Neff driving the stolen truck. 

Neff denied having any involvement in either incident. 

Neff was placed under arrest for assault and battery with a deadly weapon, felonious pointing of a firearm, possession of a known stolen vehicle, possession of a firearm while committing a felony and possession of stolen property.