December 20, 2013

Grady County citizens excited about Dorman's possible run at governor

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


Joe Dorman's announcement of potentially running for governor of Oklahoma in 2014 has resonated with many Grady County voters.

"I think Oklahoma needs and deserves a governor that is capable of compassion for their constituents and is the essence of strong leadership," Johnna Payne-Hurt wrote in response to a question on Dorman's possible campaign on The Express-Star's Facebook. "Joe Dorman can fill those needs. Oklahoma can't afford to mess this one up. We have to vote this man in."

Grady County Democratic Chairman Stephen Cox said he's known Dorman since he started in politics and is thrilled the state representative may seek the governor's office. 

"I have seen him move up through the ranks," said Cox. "It's come to a point where he has been unchallenged in state rep. races. It's pretty exciting to have someone from our own county. It will shine a spotlight down here." 

Cox said Dorman's potential run exemplifies the political litmus of Grady County. 

"This little area has been more progressive than people think," he said. "We tend to vote on the conservative side in presidential elections, but this county is actually more purple than red. We have two democratic state reps. We've voted for sales tax improvements. This is all a big deal." 

Cox said Dorman would give voters the option of a down to Earth candidate, that is also a man of the people. 

"I think our governor tends to lean more toward the color green than anything else," he said. "With the storm shelter issue she has turned her back on every parent in the state." 

Other Facebook commenters echoed Cox's sentiment on Dorman being a man of the people. 

"He does so much for his district and is very active in the community, I believe he would and could be one of the best governors Oklahoma has had," commented Renae Dahl-Pruitt. "My vote is for him all the way.

Rob Vollmar said he doesn't always agree with Dorman, but supports his consistency in representing his constituency. 

"Rep. Dorman has shown consistently that he represents the people of his district, not a particular ideology," he said. "I may not agree with him on every issue but the man is engaged, intelligent and pro-active in finding solutions rather than just laying blame. He's got my vote." 

Fallin's plan to have local school districts raise property taxes to fund shelters is unfair and doesn't accurately represent the Oklahoman's as a whole, according to Cox. 

"What she is asking us to do is cut out a large number of residents in Oklahoma that aren't property owners," he said. "Property owners will have to pay for something that others won't." 

Cox said the prospect of not having storm shelters in all schools is archaic, and he hopes Dorman will have the chance to tackle it. 

Dorman has not officially announced he will run, but started holding town hall meetings via telephone about his potential campaign last night. Those interested in Dorman can log on to for more information.