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October 6, 2012

Epworth director admits illegally taking funds

CHICKASHA — Epworth Christian School and Daycare's Director, Treva Buchanan, was dismissed "effective immediately" after she allegedly admitted that she had taken a significant amount of money from the school's funds over a period of time.

The information was released to the parents of children who attend the Christian school on October 3.

Senior Pastor Rockford Johnson said in his letter, "It is with genuine sadness that I report this to you... The leadership of the congregation has acted and will continue to seek to act in keeping with our Christ-rooted values of both love and righteousness. We uphold the imperative of moral integrity and the high standards expected of leadership. We also uphold and seek to express the essential Christian imperative for love for all involved. Seeking the guidance of the Spirit of God, the church leadership is committed to discerning the best way forward."

The letter announced that Rosa Franklin will serve as the Interim Director of the school until a new director is hired.

Johnson stated, "Miss Franklin's positive performance and reputation as a teacher and her credential's recommend her highly for this task."

The financial protocols for school funds are also under immediate review. As of next Monday, Oct. 8, cash payments will no longer be accepted. Payments must be made by check or money order.

Johnson wrote, "...the school will continue to be rightly and fully staffed and that both the children under our care and your trust in our care and guidance of them remain our highest priority."

The Chickasha Police Department was notified of the "misappropriation of funds" however Interim Police Chief Elip Moore said, "We are aware of the situation at Epworth but have not proceeded with an investigation at this time. They wanted to bring it before the church leadership to determine if they were going to handle it internally or pursue a criminal investigation."    

Buchanan could not be reached for comment on Friday.

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