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May 13, 2009

Love for cake decorating gives birth to TK’s bakery

Tana Kulhanek takes the cake.

With more than 200 decorated cakes to her credit, not counting the ones she has baked for friends and family, baked mostly in her kitchen at home, Kulhanek decided it was time to go professional and open a shop.

Thus, with the help of her husband Keith and mother Jackie Wallis, TK’s Cakes and Bakery was born.

Located in the 900 block of Fourth Street, the small shop greets customers with the mouth-watering aroma of baked goods of all kinds.

While she specializes in fancy decorated cakes, Kulhanek also offers cookies, cinnamon rolls, Danishes, huge buttery croissants, turnovers, muffins and doughnuts.

“Cake is the fun part of it for me,” said Kulhanek. “The more outrageous and crazy fun the cake is, the more I like it.”

Baking cakes at home for family and friends for the past two years, Kulhanek baked a special birthday cake for a friend’s daughter’s first birthday, which helped propel her into the baking business.

“She insisted on paying for it, and I’ve made a second birthday cake and now a third birthday cake for her,” said Kulhanek, who still gives cakes away as birthday gifts.

A stickler for freshness and taste, Kulhanek never freezes or refrigerates her cakes.

“It’s fresh cake, which is important,” she says. “I will not freeze or store cake.”

Rather than starting small and working her way up to more complicated cake design, Kulhanek said, “I jumped right in with fancy, crazy cakes with palm trees protruding from the top of them and monkeys hanging from the trees. I have always wanted to be artistic and cake was the first thing that really worked out the way I wanted it to.”

Frequently working with fondant, Kulhanek’s creations include entirely edible tractors, beer cans, turkeys, fire trucks, baby bottles, chainsaws and guitars in addition to more conventional layer cakes.

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