February 28, 2014

Holistic fair to achieve healthy show

Jessica Lane, Staff Writer,
The Express-Star


Walking around a butterfly-shaped labyrinth and making beaded animals just might be good for your health. 

The Chickasha Holistic Health Fair is due for its 9th annual checkup at the Grady County Fairgrounds 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday March 8 and noon to 6 p.m. on Sunday, March 9.

The event is free and includes holistic health practitioners, products, services, counseling, educational information, alternative/complementary therapies, mind, body, spirit modalities, eight lectures and three interactive workshops.

"The purpose of Oklahoma Holistic Health Fairs is to bring together several facets of alternative/holistic healing and educate the public about the various types of complementary therapies and mind-body-spirit modalities," Peck said. 

The health fair will also feature a Butterfly Peace Path Labyrinth, which will be available all weekend. 

The activity is creative and right brain oriented, Gail Peck, of 7 Hawks Publishing and author of "Oklahoma Labyrinths–A Path to Inner Peace." There are 77 labyrinths in Oklahoma, Peck said. They have been used for grief therapy in hospices as well as been shown to lower blood pressure. 

In a study with 125 people, 123 saw a lowering in blood pressure, Peck said. Of the remaining two subjects, one had normal blood pressure and the other had low blood pressure, which was actually raised, Peck said. 

Labyrinths can also be used for meditation. One can ask a question before entering the labyrinth and sometimes the answer will come to the navigator by the end of the labyrinth, Peck said. 

The theme for the 2014 Holistic Health Fair is "Anything is Possible." 

"We selected this as our event theme to remind people life can be anything they want it to be," Johnnie Moyer, of Star Touch Massage, said. 

Lectures held on both days will reflect this positive philosophy. The following information, provided by Peck, gives details on each lecture and event: 

Dr. Jan Wright, a PhD from Oklahoma City with 39 years experience in energy medicine, will present the opening lecture at 1 p.m. Saturday “When You Say I Can or I Can’t, You Are Correct.” 

Naturopath Stephen Johnston integrates a wide array of therapeutic modalities into his Blanchard healing arts practice. His 2 p.m. Saturday lecture will feature the event theme, “Anything is Possible.”

Chickasha Reiki Master Barbara Sedra Higgins will encourage people to “Check Your Ego at the Door” in her 3 p.m. Saturday presentation. 

Master Herbalist Ken Hays, of the Natural Choice in Norman, will talk about “The Holographic Matrix of Reality” at 4 p.m. Saturday.

Saturday’s presentations will end with two workshops. Bring your child, grandchild or inner child and make an awesome beaded animal in the 5 p.m. “Horsin’ Around With Beads” Playtime. Materials will be provided. In the 7 p.m. Saturday dream workshop, Norman author Paul Chika Emekwulu will share insights on how to clear the subconscious using techniques from his recently published dream book, Listen to Your Inner Voice and Change Your Life.” 

An award-winning and transformational author, Emekwulu provides unique insights on how dreams of metaphysical origins significantly impact human awareness. Such dreams include intuition, out-of-body experiences, astral travel, precognition, telepathy and clairaudience. This workshop is not about dream interpretation or analysis, but focuses on clarifying alternate perspectives and validating personal life-changing experiences identified by the subconscious mind.

Sunday’s talks include “Consciousness Determines Physical Manifestation” at 1 p.m. led by Barbara Clayton of Yukon; “Intro to Hatha Yoga” at 2 p.m., Johanna Larson, of the Chickasha Wellness Studio; a 3 p.m. workshop, “Creative ways to Master Change,” presented by Jeana Davis and Susan Bradley of Eckankar of Oklahoma. 

The 4 p.m. lecture, led by David Sears from the Oklahoma City Meditation Center,  features “Meditation and The Buddha.” Moyer will close the lecture schedule at 5 p.m. Sunday with “Do It Because You Can.”

A licensed acupuncturist, Johanna Larson, of the Chickasha Wellness Studio, will share Hatha Yoga techniques in the 2 p.m. Sunday talk to help participants feel energized, relaxed and calm. Demonstrations will include gentle stretching, strengthening and balancing postures and poses for all ages as well as sitting, kneeling and standing postures. The presentation will end with a 10-minute relaxing meditation.