February 12, 2014

Victim says jacket vandalized after he applied for police job

James Bright
The Express-Star


A Tuttle man said his jacket was vandalized following his applying for a job at the Tuttle Police Department.

Jalen McCage said he was told to pick up his jacket from a trailer home, the address of which is not known, by a caller identified as Alex.

“Jalen said before he could pick up the jacket, his friend, Jeff Buck saw it in the yard and brought it to him. Jalen said when he received the jacket he saw the word ‘snitch’ had been written on the back of the jacket, as well as a drawing resembling a penis,” an incident report reads.

McCage said he had several people he suspected perpetrated the crime.

“Jalen told me they found out he applied for the dispatcher position at the police department and now think he is a snitch,” the report reads.

McCage did not give the address of the trailer where is jacket was located.