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February 7, 2014

CPD officers honored for saving suicidal man


The Chickasha Police Department presented the Life Saving Award to three officers following their efforts in preventing a man's suicide last month. 

"On the night of Jan. 24, Officer Derek Hunt and Reserve Captain Jerry Atkinson were dispatched on a report of a possible suicidal subject," CPD Chief Eddie Adamson said in a release. "When he arrived on scene Hunt noticed a person standing on a table in the residence.   Hunt initiated a dialog with the subject and heard him say something to the effect that he was going to hang himself. Hunt heard the emotional tones in the subject’s voice and what sounded like crying. A few seconds later, he could no longer see the legs standing on the table and the subject stopped replying to him. Officers then broke the door open and were able to see the subject with a rope around his neck hanging from a ceiling fan. Hunt along with  Atkinson and Officer Ryan Rahlf grabbed the subject and helped hold him up while  Hunt cut him down, lowering his body to the ground."

Adamson commented further on the efforts of the three officers. 

“The only reason this person is alive today is due to the professionalism and caring actions of these officers," he said. "By searching for a person who was reportedly distraught, engaging the person in conversation and recognizing the evidence that was being presented, these officers have earned the Life Saving Award.”

The Life Saving Award may be awarded to a law enforcement officer who is directly responsible for the saving of a human life. The Lifesaving Bar may also be awarded when evidence indicates the actions by the officer(s) prolonged a human life to the extent of the victim being released to the care of medical authorities, even though the victim might expire at a later time, according to a release. 

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