January 21, 2014

Man hit with baton 4 times after traffic stop

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


A traffic stop led to a man's arrest after he refused to get in the back of a squad car and was eventually struck four times with a baton by the arresting officer Jan. 20. 

Chickasha Police Sgt. Jeremy Alexander said Jesse Keene jumped out of his car after he pulled him over for a defective windshield. 

Alexander said he ordered Keene back into his car with his loud speaker. Keene complied, according to Alexander, but was acting nervous and fidgety. 

"I started speaking with Keene and noticed that his behavior was erratic and bizarre," said Alexander. "Keene displayed several signs of those I have encountered under the influence of some stimulant." 

Alexander said Keene was anxious and suffered from body tremors. He was also uncontrollably restless while sitting in the vehicle, according to Alexander. 

"Keene could not stop moving; he was twisting about in his seat and outing and pulling at things in his grasp; he was obviously growing agitated," said Alexander. 

Keene was placed into handcuffs, but refused to get in the back seat of Alexander's squad car, according to an incident report. 

Alexander said Keene grabbed his hand and despite numerous commands asking Keene to let go, he would not relinquish the grip. 

"I delivered four baton strikes to the left side of Keene's leg and he let go of me," said Alexander. 

Once in the squad car, Keene said he still had drugs in his system from a few days ago.

Keene was arrested and booked into the Grady County Jail for driving under the influence of any intoxicating substance, resisting an officer and multiple traffic violations.