January 28, 2014

Wanted man found hiding in residential closet

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


Two people were arrested after a wanted man was found hiding in a residential closet Jan. 26. 

Chickasha Police Officer Gillian Rainey responded to a reckless driving complaint at a residence in the 1400 block of Idaho Avenue. 

Rainey said she made contact with Odessa Durham, who she knew to live in the house. Durham said James Watkins had driven the car earlier that day. 

Rainey traveled to the Chickasha Pizza Hut where she knew Watkins worked. 

Rainey said she was able to located Watkins and Durham's mother, Rebecca Munn, who also works for Pizza Hut. 

"I found out Watkins was not driving the car, but Ray Durham was," said Rainey. "Watkins told me and I was able to confirm Ray had four valid Grady County warrants." 

Munn said Odessa was aware of Ray's warrants, according to Rainey. 

Rainey traveled back to Odessa's residence where Odessa denied Ray being at the location or driving the car. 

"I told Odessa I knew she was lying and that I would arrest her because Ray had warrants," said Rainey. "I asked her again if Ray was in the house or not and she told me 'yes.' I told Odessa he better come out or she better let me in to get him." 

Rainey said Odessa walked into the house and said, "You better get out, because Mom already f*****g blew it." 

Odessa led Rainey to a bedroom where she located a closet that would not open. 

"As one of the females (in the house) came to open the door, Odessa told me 'He's in there,'" said Rainey. "The female subject told 'Ray' to move his foot and the door came open." 

Rainey placed Odessa and Ray under arrest and put them in her patrol car. After being mirandized, Odessa said she knew Ray had been driving the car, but knew he wasn't supposed to be around her because of a protective order. 

"She knew he had warrants, but said her boys needed their daddy and miss him," said Rainey.

Odessa was booked into the Grady County Jail for harboring a fugitive and obstructing an officer.