February 15, 2014

Man arrested twice this week for alcohol related crimes detained again after allegedly assaulting officer

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


After being arrested twice this week for alcohol related crimes, Lance Parks found himself behind bars once again after he allegedly assaulted a police officer early Friday morning. 

Chickasha Police Officer Clayton Hobbs said he responded to a call of a man yelling and banging on a semi-truck in the Chickasha Walmart's parking lot. 

Hobbs said he recognized the subject to be Parks, who was arrested Tuesday at Walmart for public intoxication and served a trespass notice banning him from the store. 

"As I approached Lance become angry that I was there and he started to walk away," said Hobbs. "I told Lance to stop and explain to me why he was beating the door of the semi. Lance told me that he was not banging the door of the semi. As I was talking with Lance I noticed a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath and person. Lance started to walk away and I told him two more times to stop walking and talk with me. Lance would not listen to my commands and he continued to walk towards the semi."

Hobbs said he tried to grab Parks' right arm, but Parks turned around, pushed him and said "get your f*****g hands off of me."

Hobbs said he attempted to take Parks to the ground, but the suspect managed to evade him, which led to a fight. 

"I grabbed Lance and placed him on the ground by leg sweeping him," said Hobbs. "Lance landed on his back and I landed on top of Lance. I felt Lance pushing and hitting me. I felt Lance grab my duty belt. I struck Lance in the face and I recovered to my feet. I regained an arm-bar and I was able to place Lance's left hand behind his back. Lance kept fighting me by twisting and kicking at me. I felt my hold on Lance's arm slipping so I gave several knee strikes to Lance's side area. I kept ordering Lance to stop fighting and to give me his other arm. Lance refused to comply."

Hobbs said he was eventually able to subdue Parks. 

Hobbs said while transporting Parks to the Grady County Jail, he made numerous threats toward Hobbs. An incident report details Parks said "I'm going to cut your f*****g head off and feed it to the coyotes," and If you love your family, you better get life insurance." 

Hobbs said Parks also spit on the cage area of his patrol vehicle resulting in the placement of a spit hood over Parks' head. 

CPD Chief Eddie Adamson said he does not believe the homeless Parks is perpetrating these crimes in order to have a place to stay at night. 

"This is a man with serious violent tendencies and hopefully he will be locked up for awhile after this latest incident," Adamson said. "All we can do is arrest him as he continues to commit criminal acts."

Adamson said he believes Parks recently came to Chickasha. Parks said he was staying with a friend in town, according to Adamson, but police have been unable to locate the friend. 

"We doubt there is anyone," Adamson said. 

Parks was booked into the Grady County Jail for assault and battery on an officer, threatening to perform violent acts, resisting arrest and public intoxication.