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April 20, 2010

What happens when you mix classical training with noise?

You get ... DEBRIS

— It took the Punk band Debris 30 years to become an overnight sensation.

The band, consisting of Chickasha High School graduates, will perform April 25 at the Norman Music Festival on the Opolis Stage, 113 N. Crawford Ave.

The band formed in the 1970s, but they arrived before Punk music's time.

The Debris' Punk sound is derived from classical musical training and random noise. For instance, an old electric circular saw is used as an instrument in "Tricia," a song bassist, singer, and songwriter Chuck Ivey co-wrote about media excess.


“In the 70s, I felt isolated here and that isolation brought out the creative force we had,” Ivey said. “People in Oklahoma weren’t playing that kind of music.”

Debris made one album and then disbursed, ending the band before it really began.

But somehow, Punk fans in Europe discovered the Debris' one album -- and they became bigger than they ever dreamed of being.

"They all come to us," Ivey said of the people who seek out Debris more than 30 years after its originally debut.

"It blows my mind. We'll decide were done, and then somebody else calls. We couldn’t believe people wanted to hear it, we never got that response back in the 70s.”


“But we never stopped playing,” said guitarist Robb Hayes. And today, they are playing more than ever they ever did.  "We've been playing quite a bit," Ivey said. "We played at Oddfellows in Chickasha a couple of weeks ago and in Norman at Bill & Dee's and at the Attic - formerly Charlie's Last Stand, a biker bar on Reno in Oklahoma City."

In addition, the group is featured in the Oklahoma Museum of History's Rock and Roll in Oklahoma exhibit.

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