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May 21, 2014

Police arrest man after metal chair mayhem

CHICKASHA — A Chickasha man allegedly pushed a police officer during the investigation of a report that the man had hit another man in the head repeatedly with a metal chair Monday.

Chad Foster was working on renovating his uncle, Andrew Guerrero's, home in the 600 block of Wisconsin Ave. when Roy Smith walked into the shop he was working in, began hitting him in the face and head with the chair, then left, according to the incident report.

"I asked Foster why Smith might attack him and he told me that he did not know, except that Smith had been acting crazy the past few days," Chickasha Police Sgt. Scott Weaver said. "Foster said that Smith was supposed to help him and Guerrero with renovations, but that they didn't want him there if he was going to be crazy."

Guerrero heard a noise, saw Smith holding the chair and, when he went to investigate, he dropped the chair and ran, according to the report.

Guerrero found Foster on the ground in the shop with an injury to his head and also noticed a dent in his truck that he thought was caused by Foster hitting his head on it during the incident, according to the report.

After Foster told police where Smith lived, police went to Smith's house to question him.

"I asked Smith to step outside and speak to me several times. Smith did not comply and asked me if I had a warrant," Weaver said. "I told him that I did not, but did have probable cause to arrest him. Smith opened the door and I asked him what had happened on Wisconsin with Foster."

Weaver said Smith denied assaulting Foster, appeared agitated and refused to speak with him, so he informed Smith he was under arrest and asked him to put his hands behind his back.

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