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February 6, 2013

Drug arrest leads to second charge

CHICKASHA — A local citizen was charged with a felony Monday morning that he could have easily avoided according to Chickasha Police Department Major Elip Moore.

Levi Wood became one of many arrested in Chickasha to wrack up the additional felony  charge of smuggling contraband into the Grady County Jail after being arrested for possession of a controlled substance.  

Moore said although it is not a daily occurrence, this charge is filed on a fairly regular basis.

"A lot of time what happens is we arrest someone in the field and they have something in their pocket," he said.

Once a suspect is transported to a jail, their clothes are fully searched and many times a hidden pocket revealing some form of contraband is found, according to Moore.

This was the case with Wood, according to the arrest affidavit. Arresting officer Cliff Walker said in his report during Wood's book-in process, a small and clear plastic bag, which contained a green leafy substance that appeared to be marijuana was found.

Moore said it's rare that this charge will stem from a suspect trying to sneak drugs to an inmate at a jail.

"We tell them before they go in, 'If they have anything on them, we are going to find it,'" Moore said. "Once they get in the jail, it becomes a felony when it might have only been a misdemeanor before."

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