December 22, 2012

High schooler's note is not cause for concern

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — Concerns over a Chickasha High School student possibly having a kill list turned out to be a non-threatening situation according to a press release from Chickasha Police Department Chief Eddie Adamson.

"The Chickasha Police Department began getting calls late yesterday afternoon with reports of a student reportedly having a “kill” list at the Chickasha High School. Officers conducted an investigation and followed the information received from concerned students and parents back to a classroom where the situation began. A student asked another student for a piece of paper and the student gave it to them and it simply had “Kill” on the sheet of paper. The student who received the paper then told     students that the other student was creating a “Kill List.” The teacher took the piece of paper and provided it to school administration. The student who had provided the piece     of paper was then interviewed by school officials and they realized what had actually     occurred and considered the matter resolved," the release reads.

Officers also spoke to the parents of the student last night as part of the investigation according to the release.

School officials including Superintendent Jim Glaze were made aware of the situation once the information could be traced back to the source of the note Adamson wrote in the release.

“Although we were able to determine what occurred in this situation, the concern of students and parents is certainly understandable in light of recent events in schools around the country,” commented Adamson. “We encourage anyone who has any information about any potential threat at school or anywhere else to give us a call and allow us to do an investigation into the matter.”

Adamson went on to detail that CPD received information about the incident Thursday night and social media rumors were running rampant based on the note.

"We want everyone to know our findings to hopefully put some of those rumors to rest today,”  Adamson said.

The Chickasha School district and all if its students are now on winter break.