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July 3, 2013

Man spits blood on officers after sustaining multiple baton hits, taser deployments

CHICKASHA — A Chickasha man showed zombie-like resolve on July 3, after sustaining several hits from a baton and multiple taser deployments before being subdued following an assault on three officers.  

A report from the Chickasha Police Department alleges the man, identified as 31-year-old Kaal Williams, was under the influence of a narcotic.

"(He) spit blood on several officers and attempted to bite them while officers were attempting to take Williams into custody," the release states.

Officers approached Williams, who was wrestling on the ground with another man in 900 block of South 1st street, while responding to a call about a fight in progress.

"He was acting strange speaking incoherently, and was very unpredictable in his actions," the release reads. "Officers attempted to arrest him when he became violent and kicked one of the officers in the face."

Williams also attempted to take one of the responding officer's weapons during the struggle.

Williams was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital upon detainment.

“I anticipate numerous charges including aggravated assault and battery on an officer, transfer of bodily fluid on a state employee, attempted assault and battery of an officer, resisting arrest and public intoxication to be filed," said Major Elip Moore of the Chickasha Police Department.  Three officers were treated and released for minor injuries and blood exposure following the incident.

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