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June 6, 2014

Adair family returns to Chickasha

— Boyce Wilburn Adair, Jr. has traveled to many places, but according to him, Chickasha will always be home.

After a long career in the military, Boyce turned to his wife of 11 years, Kimberly Adair, and said "I'm tired."

According to Boyce, Kimberly took the reigns and began making plans to return to the Grady County seat. Kimberly had seen Chickasha during the fall season and fell in love with the historic aspects of the town's landscape.

"There's so much emotion here," Boyce said. "My dad is buried here."

Boyce was born in Victoria, Texas, but Chickasha is where he grew up. His parents are Boyce Adair and Corrina Adair. 

Boyce fought in Desert Storm and Desert Shield.  His travels have taken him to Germany, Louisiana, Texas, Colorado, California, Florida and a brief stint in Alaska.

The Adair's 11-year-old daughter, Kim, does well in school. She reads at a seventh grade level though she only just finished fourth grade.

The Adairs came into town from from Lubbock, Texas earlier this week to search for a place to call home. One of the first things the trio did was take a 45 minute drive around town.

"We went through Shannon Springs, of course," Boyce said.

Boyce's memories of Chickasha extend to the tiny skating rink that was actually a basketball court, warm days at Chickasha Lake with friends and jet skis and the winter that brought 18 inches of snow, making some parts of town resemble a tunnel.

According to Boyce, Chickasha has progressed while retaining its old charm.

"Some sections have moved into the 21st Century and some look the same," he said.

Boyce has been in the beverage business off and on, including at the Dr. Pepper bottling company on Kansas Ave, so naturally he noticed the new facade.

"Chickasha is not stagnant," Boyce said. "It's moving forwards, but at it's own pace. That's why I want to come back to Chickasha."

Each of the Adairs have plans for when they move in to Chickasha. Boyce would like to take some online business courses in human resources. Boyce has held many management positions. He currently holds an assistant management position at Lowe's Grocery in Texas.

Kimberly would like to finish her BA in network administration and their daughter Kim would like to continue to pursue karate. She already has a white, gold and orange belt.


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