December 12, 2013

City council looks at progression of trailer park shutdown, water

James Bright, Managing Editor,
Guest Columnist


Chickasha city officials received information on the progress of multiple projects started over the last year during this week's city council meeting. 

City Manager Stuart Fairburn said the city is ready to solicit bids on construction of the Ft. Cobb intake addition, which would aid in rectifying water problems. 

"We are hoping for a completion date of September or October," Fairburn said. 

Should an extensive draught plague the area, Fairburn said the city is looking into multiple alternatives to alter the construction deadline. 

Fairburn said the process of shutting down a trailer park next to the Chickasha Airport is also underway. 

"At the next council meeting we will be presenting plans, payment incentives and dollar amounts to help those moving out of the park," he said. 

Fairburn is suggesting a May 1 deadline for all residents and said the city will pay up to $2,000 to move single wide trailers and up to $4,000 for double wide trailers. He said the money can also be used for utility hookups. 

The amounts will be reduced by 50 percent after May 1 until Sept. 1. The city will pay nothing in relocation expenses for the rest of the year following the Sept. 1 deadline. 

"I've already had two or three people contact me about this (the moving expenses), so it's going forward," said Fairburn. 

The development of parks and playgrounds within the city limits were also discussed during the meeting. 

Fairburn said the sidewalks surrounding Centennial Park are currently under construction. 

"We've also been looking at some playground possibilities," he said. "We are going to see if we can raise enough money for this project next month and then we plan to have an open house, so people can pick and prioritize which playgrounds they like." 

This project was under the old CIP tax, said Fairburn.

"The new tax starts in February and we won't get any revenue from it until a few months later, so some of this was already budgeted," said Fairburn. 

Runway projects at the Chickasha Airport have also come along, according to Fairburn.