October 17, 2013

Woman arrested for Walmart theft

James Bright, Managing Editor,
The Express-Star


A woman was arrested at Walmart in Chickasha Tuesday afternoon after attempting to return merchandise she took from the shelves. 

Walmart employees informed Chickasha Police Sgt. Scott Weaver that Catrina Slawson had gone past all points of sale and tried to fraudulently return items she placed in her basket while at the store. 

Once Slawson completed the transaction she was detained and several items concealed in her purse were removed including a Walmart gift card she was given for the items she had fraudulently returned.

"Slawson immediately began trying to explain what was going on. Slawson told me that she had brought several items that she intended to return into the store in a Walmart bag. Slawson said that the service desk was busy, so she asked a female employee if it was ok for her to shop with the Walmart bag in her cart, containing her return items, and the employee allegedly told her it was fine," an incident report states. "Slawson then told me that she went around the store, selecting and concealing items. Slawson then went and completed her return and left the store without attempting to pay for the items concealed in her purse." 

Slawson said she carried three items into the store in her purse, but admitted the receipt contained several items she'd stolen from the store. 

Pills were also recovered from Slawson's purse. She claimed they were Lortabs and belonged to her husband, according to the report. 

A receipt showed Slawson fraudulently returned $95.49 of merchandise and stole an additional $144.70 worth of product. 

Slawson was transported to the Grady County Jail and booked  on charges of shoplifting, possession of CDS without a prescription, and obtaining Ccsh / merchandise by false pretense.