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December 10, 2012

Local gas prices are not indication of gouging

GRADY COUNTY — Despite Oklahoma average gas prices dropping by 6.2 cents in the last week to $3.06 per gallon, but prices in and around Grady County remain several cents above this. Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan said this is common for rural areas and is not evidence of price gouging.

"It's due to a lack of competition," he said. "The volume of gas sold in that are (Grady County) is far less than in Oklahoma City, so prices tend to be higher."

DeHaan said there isn't really an incentive for gas stations to lower prices around Grady County since the local stations will maintain their business regardless and although there is an obvious difference between the state average and Grady County prices, there is still no evidence of price gouging.

"An example of gouging would be if there was a 30 cent difference between Chickasha and Oklahoma City," DeHaan said. "Every station is using a commodity that has a change in price several times throughout the day. The price will always vary."

Despite the higher cost in this area, Grady County still remains well below the national average of $3.34 per gallon.

"The national average has continued to see a steady decline over the last week, and that trend will likely continue through this week at the very least," DeHann said. "Last week, the Energy Information Administration reported one of the largest single week increases in gasoline inventories in my recent memory, which will likely contribute downward pressure to wholesale gasoline prices in the days and perhaps weeks ahead."

Chickasha  has also seen lower prices than communities comparable markets such as Marlow and Duncan.

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