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December 7, 2012

CPD warns residents about new scam

CHICKASHA — The Chickasha Police Department has been made aware of a new scam targeting state residents. Detective Brewer said ”We want to create awareness of these types of criminal activity to protect our citizens”  The scam is a text message sent to a victim’s phone that appears to be from the victim’s bank and asks the victim to call a specific number. When the victim calls back the suspect posing as a teller tells them that their bank account is in the negative and attempts to gather several pieces of information such as debit card information and social security numbers.

The Attorney General’s Office out of Oklahoma City has been informed about this scam after receiving several phone calls from concerned citizens.

Representatives from the attorney generals office say “Oklahomans should be cautious with text messages, emails or telephone calls that ask for personal information, especially if they didn’t initiate the contact,” Attorney General Scott Pruitt said. “If there is doubt, verify the information or simply disregard the request.”

Pruitt said it is another way criminals are attempting to obtain personal and financial information.

"The messages appear authentic and can lure unsuspecting consumers into providing information; which can cause financial loss and identity theft,” he said.

Below are a few tips to help consumers avoid scams:

Never give information out personal information such as PIN numbers, debit card numbers, or Social Security numbers over the phone unless you have initiated the communication and you have verified the business that you are calling as reputable.


If you receive a call from someone saying they are with your bank look up the listed telephone number for your bank in the yellow pages and call the bank directly to verify the request.

Don’t respond to text messages or emails unless you know, and can verify, who they are from.

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