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February 4, 2014

Dorman announces official run for governor


Joe Dorman officially announced his candidacy for governor of Oklahoma  during a press conference in Oklahoma City today.

Dorman pledged his commitment to Oklahomans from every corner of the state that he will be a ”Governor for ALL Oklahomans”, while noting the growing need for “a state executive that places people over politics, and service above all else.”  Dorman currently serves as a state representative out of Rush Springs. He has been a part of the state legislature for the last decade and will term out of his position after this year. 

During his announcement Dorman said Oklahoma's history is a key to the state's success. 

“Working together, our ancestors transformed prairies into communities and shaped a future from red dirt and a pioneering spirit. It’s time we join together to make Oklahoma a greater place for all of our people, not just a chosen few," he said.

Dorman highlighted his upbringing in small-town Oklahoma and recalled overcoming adversity while growing up with the help of his family, faith and community. 

“The rural community of Rush Springs, Oklahoma is where I learned the meaning of hard work and sacrifice," he said. "Like most Oklahomans, I know what it’s like to face adversity and rise above it with the help of family and community. My family’s lives were changed forever when my dad’s truck was broadsided by a semi, leaving him permanently disabled. My mother left her job to care for my dad, and my family learned to live on much less, as our only income at that time was my father’s disability check.”

Dorman said current Governor Mary Fallin's work has led to further polarization of the state. 

“I’ve watched many Oklahomans suffer from her decisions that have continued to place politics over people, and special interests ahead of sound public policy," he said. "I ask you - are you better off today than you were three years ago when Mary Fallin moved into the Mansion? During my time as a Representative, I’ve had to make the difficult decisions, placing the needs of my constituents and state over big business and moneyed interests. I’ve chosen to live modestly while representing the people of my district and work across the aisle when needed.”

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