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January 4, 2014

Alleged copper crook arrested after story corrodes



Guffee said that a friend of his named Josh had told him to go to the residence and take the trashcan to the alleyway so he could pick it up. In a later interview, Josh said that Guffee had not been at his residence that day. 

Guffee told another officer that a black man named "Vernell" who was drunk and at Josh's house gave him $18 to come take the trashcan out to the alleyway. Guffee said that an electrician told him that there was wiring in the trashcan. The officer reported that Guffee later changed his story, saying that it was a plumber who told him about the items. Guffee also provided different locations than he was coming from. First he said he was coming from Josh's house and the later said he was coming from another subject, "Mike's" home. When it was brought to Guffee's attention that his story was changing, Guffee stated that the officers were making him nervous.

Based on the homeowners statement that the wiring had been inside the house, the back door to the residence was open, Guffee was located less than 100 feet from the back door possessing the stolen wire, Guffee was placed under arrest for second degree burglary. Guffee was also placed under arrest for possession of stolen property for allegedly taking the top of the rolling chair and copper. 

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