January 3, 2014

Police make marijuana arrest on disturbance call

Adam Troxtell
The Express-Star


A woman was arrested for drug possession after police were called to the motel where she was reportedly causing a disturbance.

Chickasha police arrested Lucille Rivas at the Ranch House Motel earlier this week after they discovered a bottle she had contained marijuana. Rivas reportedly caused a stir at the motel when she could not locate her children that were later found nearby.

Officers arrived at the Ranch House while responding to a domestic disturbance call. As they were on their way to room 120, a CPD report states they came across Rivas who was very upset. She explained that she was looking for her children, and the report states she appeared to be intoxicated. Officers asked Rivas how older her children, to which she responded they were "old enough." 

Rivas then became upset when the officers asked again, and that is when she was placed under arrest for public drunk. Upon conducting a search of her person, officers found a small pill bottle with a plastic bag inside. The substance inside of the bag was discovered to be marijuana. The children were located and stayed behind at the Ranch House while Rivas was transported to Grady County Jail.