April 16, 2013

Property rezone, neighborhood pride discussed at city council

Jessica Lane, Staff Writer,
Article Submitted

— Chickasha City Council passed an ordinance that would rezone 1014 S. 19th St. from an R-1 single family to R-2 two family residential district.

An application was made by Steve Wilmon, the property owner, to rezone the property in order to build a new duplex. There was a dilapidated structure previously on the site, which Wilmon had torn down.

There was initially opposition to the rezoning because it was considered "an intrusion" to the R-1 block and therefore did not meet the needs of the neighborhood.

Wilmon presented several documents from 10 adjacent housed in the neighborhood which were in favor of the rezoning.

A couple of residents said they would like to see Wilmon acquire more properties.

"The town is growing, Wilmon said. He added that people want to see the quality of living grow as well.

The council decided to address the rezoning issue on a case by case basis and approved the rezoning in this instance.

Some residents need to clean up their act, a guest speaker at the Chickasha City Council meeting said.

Barbara Wallace said that the level of debris on several blocks of 17th Street has been a nuisance for years. The issue bothered her enough on the afternoon of the meeting that she decided to attend and bring the problem to the council's attention.

The mess has an effect on outsiders perception of Chickasha. Wallace said she had company from Texas, Florida and Missouri who noted that the problem was "public dumping."

Wallace suggested to the council that if they brought the issue to these residents, they may comply. Wallace suggested that mailing a notice and/or calling these residents could be effective and would be a manageable task.

"It's just two streets," she said.

Mayor Hank Ross thanked Wallace for caring about the city and said that he shared Wallace's frustration and acknowledged it had been a chronic problem and the issue will be addressed.