November 9, 2012

Perryman prepares for two-year journey

James Bright
The Express-Star

CHICKASHA — Recently elected District 56 State Representative David Perryman is facing a hard road.

He's a freshman congressman in a governing body comprised of 98 Republicans and 41 Democrats. He narrowly won his own race and his a recent breakdown of votes by precincts shows an almost even bipartisan split.

Despite these oppositions, Perryman is not dissuaded from the task at hand.

"I want to do what is best for our district," he said. "I want to represent all voters and if I need to break party lines."

Grady County Democratic Party Chair Steve Cox said he was very pleased to see Perryman win the election.

"I was tickled," he said. "I have known him since 1992 and he has been a wonderful public servant as a lawyer."

Perryman said he plans to focus a good deal of his time on education policy, something Cox said should not be too difficult for the new representative.

"He's married to an educator, so he has interment knowledge of what teachers and students both need," he said,.

In addition to education, Perryman said he plans to address the general quality of life in district 56.

"I want to install broadband internet all over, so we can bring private businesses back to 56," he said. "I believe in crossing party lines and working with rural Republican representatives in to help with our current situation."

District 56 State Representative Joe Dorman said it will be nice to have to someone of a similar mind set to work with on legislative issues.

"We met this morning and discussed some controversial issues," he said. "We both want to work on conservation legislature and create education opportunities."

These issues shouldn't be too much of a problem for Perryman according to Cox.

"I know he will promote job growth and facilitate educational opportunities," he said.

Perryman will take office in January.